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The Sugar Research Institute of Fiji is an organization that carries out research work for the Sugar Industry in Fiji. Established as an experiment station in 1904 and later became a research institution, operating independently since 2006.
12,000+ Growers

Total number of active growers that SRIF have supplied with cane varieties and sugarcane related technologies

12+ Years

Typical research cycle of every new sugarcane varieties in SRIF's plant breeding programme

19 Sugarcane Commercial Varieties

Total number of varieties released to the Sugar Industry in the past 100 years

21 On-going Projects

Total number of projects run by SRIF that's part of the annual budget


Key Research Areas

The Sugar Research Institute of Fiji is an organization that was established in 2006 to carry out research work for the Sugar Industry in Fiji. The areas of research that SRIF undertakes includes:
→ Sugarcane conventional breeding.
→ Soil and leaf analytical services.
→ Cane analysis for research and investigation purposes.
→ Pests and diseases screenings.
→ Crop diversification.
→ Management of estate commercial farms.
→ Effective land utilization.
→ Production of disease free seedcane.
→ Conduct donor financed projects for the benefit of the farmers.


Crop Improvement
Germplasm, fuzz, seedlings, etc.

Department of Crop Improvement is responsible for breeding new varieties of sugarcane, maintenance of sugarcane germplasm, early stage trials, advance stage trials and Large Mill Trials.

Crop Management
Soil, nutrition, pH, lime, etc.

Department of Crop Management is responsible for testing soil, leaf for fertilizer recommendation as well as testing sugarcane for biochemical attributes such as sugar content, fiber, etc.

Crop Protection
Pests & Diseases

Department of Crop Protection is responsible for management of pest & diseases in the sugar industry as well as screening for pest & disease resistance on new sugarcane varieties.

Technology Transfer
Demo plots, information days, etc.

Department of Technology Transfer is responsible for transferring research findings to farmers in order to continuously improve sugarcane farming in Fiji as a business.

Finance & HR
Accounts, Finance, HR & OHS

Department of Finance & HR is responsible for managing day to day activities on financial spending, stakeholder fund management, employee management and OHS implementation.


Vakabuli Rd, Drasa


Email: [email protected]
Phone: +679 892 1839 | 892 1840



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